Logan Bearden set for double the fun at Five Flags Speedway

PENSACOLA, Fla.: Getting back in the saddle as Late Model racing resumes after the novel coronavirus pandemic, Logan Bearden and his Bearden Motorsports team travel east to the panhandle of the Sunshine State ready for a double dose of Super Late Model racing at Five Flags (Fla.) Speedway.

With stout competition on deck in the Southern Super Series (SSS), Bearden and his family-owned team are prepared to take on some of the best of the best in the south and come away with energy and hopefully a winner’s trophy to boost.

“I feel really good going into this weekend,” said Bearden. “I put a lot of work in and out of the shop this last month to make sure myself and the car is ready to go.”

Getting into the summer months, Bearden knows it is going to be more than just having a good race car underneath him. He is also taking the steps to make sure he is physically and mentally able to handle the hot and humid temperatures accustomed with the summer climate.

“During the COVID-19 break, I’ve been really focused on a strong workout regimen and building up a strong stamina. As we get into the summer weather, these races are going to be really hot and falling out of the seat is not an option and I hope the steps I’ve taken will prevent that.”

With a heavily adjusted schedule, Bearden has also explained how the COVID-19 virus has affected his Texas-based operation.

“Really, it’s just been the uncertainty of the number of races that are actually going to happen. For a lot of these races, it is a minimum of 10-hour drive, so we have to be prepared and have our logistics in place. We’re happy to have made the trek to Five Flags and hope we can show that heading home on Sunday.”

Under the leadership of crew chief Butch Vandoorn, Bearden and his crew have shown whether they compete on the west coast, east coast or straight down the middle, the speed in their No. 66 Parker Electric | Frazier Motorsports | FixYourGenerator.com | All In Designs Chevrolet is genuine.

“We’ve just been putting in the extra time in the shop going over the car with a fine-tooth comb to make sure everything is exactly right before the car goes in the trailer.

“Also, making sure that our toolbox and trailer is organized helps make things go a long way on race weekends.”

Looking ahead, Bearden says whether it is one race weekend, two or three, he is just ready to chase those trophies.

“I’m looking forward to the summer,” sounded Bearden. “The hiatus that we had was long but necessary and I’m happy that were are back racing and it is looking to be a jam-packed summer schedule so that should be a ton of fun.”

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